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Part three of the Legacy photospam.

Corypheus and that eyeballs-in-his-hands thing from Pan’s Labyrinth hang out together in the part of my brains where nightmare material live.

Included a post-defeat capture of Larius, because I am convinced that Corypheus leaps into Larius (or Janeka, whichever lives to the end of this encounter).

rebloggin’ because Corypheus is best character

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    rebloggin’ because Corypheus is best character
  2. thirsty-for-justice said: I’m amazed that some people *don’t* think that Corypheus leaves in a warden’s body. I mean, the “hints” aren’t even subtle.
  3. vanessasketch said: Corypheus SO body jumps into whoever is there at the end, the little creep. Once again nothing really works out for Hawke. :\
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